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Dutchman Electronics is an LLC. We provide value to our customers and clients through innovative electronic designs crafted to meet their needs and specifications. We cater to companies of all sizes, inventors, hobbyists and average folk looking for solutions that meet the needs of the "If I only had an electronic device that did that for me."

Since the time of the inventors and craftsman such as Edison, Tesla and Westinghouse; the craftsman mentality has been sorely missed in the electronics industry. The craftsman / expert creating products in response to needs is missing in businesses of most trades today. We at Dutchman Electronics strive to design to the specific needs as provided by the customer rather than designing a product and then attempting to create a demand for that product.

Dutchman Electronics is owned and operated by Scott DeBruyn of Forest Grove, Oregon. He has 33 years of electronics experience and draws on his life long 'Jack of All Trades' knowledge for designing and inventing. The company also maintains a consortium of engineers, technicians, inventors and entrepreneurs to work on various projects. Customers and clients may also become part of this consortium if they choose to co-develop a product.

Here at Dutchman Electronics we primarily provide electronic and design services. We cater to businesses small and large, other design firms, entrepreneurs and hobbyists. Companies and businesses that lack design departments and those that perhaps have a design group but need project resources have utilized our expertise over the years we've been in business.

In brief, you should know the following about us: our company was established in 2003 and had been responsible for providing outstanding electronics design services, product development services and consulting services for 13 years. Our specialty is 'needs' motivated, innovative solutions regardless of client's company size. Our regular customers particularly value the one on one, craftsman - customer relationship. Our business is located in Forest Grove and is run out of our residence as the great majority of the work done is easily handled online.

To contact us with your ideas, needs, thoughts or just say 'Hey!' fire us an email at: sdb@dutchmanelectronics.com or give us a shout at 503-357-0059. I look forward to it. Scott DeBruyn